Branding &
Digital Design
Cristi Goia

I'm Cristi, Creative Director specialising in branding, web design and creative development.

My goal is to help brands build authenticity, clarity and purpose through design.


In my experience, creativity and strategy can enhance each other enormously, which is why I believe in the unique combination of the "designer-strategist" role.
Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is the foundation for branding and marketing. Through a thorough analysis of target group, market and competition, we develop a perspective with well-founded and clear choices in the long term.

Specifically: positioning, values, brand platform, consumer research, competition analysis, category insights, ...


Brand name, logo, corporate identity, packaging, website… Each of these aspects is part of your brand experience. It is therefore important to design a consistent and distinctive style for your brand.

Specifically: logo, corporate identity, brand book, packaging, digital guidelines, art direction, graphic design, website.


Giving your brand a face is one thing, talking about it is another. Together with your marketing team, I think about the right messages on the right channels.

Specifically: creative briefing, campaign ideas, art direction, advertising concepts.

Coaching & consulting

Not every problem requires a rebrand or repositioning. We can always look for the right solution tailored to your problem. That could be a workshop or working week with your team, or a one-on-one coaching call, you name it!

Specifically: workshops, coaching, consulting, design thinking.

Intrested in a collaboration?

Let's first check if we are the right fit. A short phone/video call to see how I can help you with your challenge.

Distinctive brands based on strong insights.

Branding is bringing a brand strategy to life in recognizable elements such as logo, typography, graphic elements, tone of voice, video, sound, business cards, website, social media, ...

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Brand strategy, corporate identity & web design for a SaaS Product that helps tenants find their perfect home.

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Naming, Brand Strategy, Positioning, Websites, Crowdfunding and many more for a small, yet truly smart, security camera.

Strategy & brand system, driven by meaning 🤹

Purpose to make clear, strategic choices based on consumer's needs and the market. Design to convert the strategy into an attractive and distinctive brand that can grow sustainably.

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Branding, Pitch Decks and Strategy for a military drone concept.

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Branding, Corporate Identity, Positioning & Marketing meticulously designed for the future of retail intelligence.

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Branding, Photography, Website and Marketing materials for a talented machine learning team.

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Branding, Website and Marketing Strategy for a Silicon Valley technology company.

“Cristi is a very passionate and professional partner. He had a very intuitive understanding of what it took to successfully take our product to the market with a cohesive branding and creative product design.”

Po Yuan, Founder and CEO of
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Branding, Website and Product Design for the future of online safe payments.

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Branding, E-Com Website and Marketing for a stomatological equipment online store.